When I turned 29, I began re-evaluating age, and what number of years I felt constituted “old”. Looking at how quickly things change – not just in ourselves but in the world around us in general – I realized that 90 years really isn’t all that long, and therefore can’t be classified as “old” in the grand scheme of things. Certainly in light of Eternity, 90 years isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

This last week, I visited my grandmother (“Nana”) in the nursing home. The family is looking at hospice providers and trying to determine what is best for her and her condition. She is 91 years of age. She is coherent and tries to talk, but her body seems to be breaking down and simply won’t let her speak her thoughts (among other serious issues).

She seemed comforted when we read Scripture together. She smiled when I showed her pictures on my phone of her great-grandchildren (whom she has never met, a fact I regret deeply). She laughed as I told her stories from the day’s events. She offered us food as we watched her eat her meal. She was visibly sad as we said goodbye.

Nana is still with us and I believe she understands a great deal more than I think we give her credit for.

I’m still not convinced that 90 is “old”. I’ve certainly seen that Nana’s body is wearing out, and I doubt she will remain with us much longer. I hope she is still around in August when we can take our children on a long over-due road trip to finally meet her. But if that isn’t the case, I know she will be much happier in Heaven with her Lord than she is here. Her body will be new and she will be able to use her voice again to praise her King. Even now, I look forward to singing with her (and Papa) there someday.